Crystal Blue Hotel & Catering Service

About Us

Crystal Blue Hotel & Catering Is a Saudi Based Company Registered with The Ministry of Commerce Under Commercial Registration No# 46020000099 Established in Year 2005 That Provides the Execution of Projects Across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Each Team Member Is Distinguished by Their Functional and Professional Expertise, there by Insuring That Our Client Receiving Most Effective and Professional Services. Crystal Group Is Being Managed and Operated by Specialists in The Field That Have a Mission and Vision to Process the Ventured Activities with A Commitment To The Nation And Client To Provide Quality Services And Products.

Our Values

1 – Team work spirit.
2 – Pride.
3 – Commitment.
4 – Passion and ambition.
5 – Integrity.

Our Mission

Crystal Blue to make a group on a part with MULTINATIONAL companies through multiple plans, both in the short or long term, and that achieve rewards and reasonable levels of returns on our investments and the benefit of the community.


  1. Development and upgrading to the highest ethical and professional standards during the performance of our business.
  • . Implementation of high-quality projects in our beloved country.
  • Customer care and meet his demands and exceeding his expectations. And to provide customers with products and services appropriate to their needs at the guaranteed lowest cost and highest quality.
  • To be a “preferred partner” for our clients.
  • Establish a long-term fruitful business relationship with all our clients.
  • Develop a strong loyalty to us by customers and strategic partners.
  • To be a brand by providing highest standard of services with commitment and to provide all related services under one umbrella.

Our Project

Our Services


We have a number of hotels in Saudi Arabia


Establishment and management of offices and camels


We can provide catering and catering for all nationalities (Japanese - Korean - Chinese - Filipino - Arabic - Hindi)


We can provide all means of transportation in all its forms

Contact Us


Jezan Branch

Tel.: +966 53 907 9468

Jeddah Branch

Tel.: +966 53 907 9561

Yanbu Branch

Tel.: +966 53 908 0625

Head Office P.O.BOX:52 Rabigh 21911 KSA

Tel. : +966 12 422 0093

Fax. : +966 12 422 4003

Mob.: +966 50 536 3114

Mob.: +966 50 283 5859